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Our industry recognized credentials are helping our NRF Foundation RISE up Partner of the Year - the School District of Philadelphia - help their students build their customer service skills.

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RISE Up Retail Industry Fundamentals
  • Dive into the retail world, its career paths and industry jargon
  • Study retail operations, product life cycles, and supply chains
  • Know how the cost of goods sold impacts profit
  • Build basic customer service and sales skills
  • Practice job readiness skills
RISE Up Customer Service & Sales
  • Discover the value of quality customer service
  • Improve your knowledge of different types of customers’ needs
  • Master effective communication skills
  • Design a sales plan and apply effective upselling strategies
  • Acquire advanced retail skills
RISE Up Business of Retail
  • See retail as a business and define the profit model
  • Recognize inventory life cycle and inventory control
  • Explore merchandising and marketing
  • Understand loss prevention
  • Learn the importance of workplace safety practices
RISE Up Warehouse, Inventory & Logistics
  • Understand how goods flow through the supply chain
  • Learn how warehouse/distribution/fulfillment centers are designed and operated
  • Calculate and explain key performance metrics
  • Demonstrate safety measures and techniques
  • Explore skills for warehousing jobs and career paths

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