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 Explore job listings to find your next opportunity. And set yourself up for success with real-world experience with NRF Foundation scholarships. Learn more and join us for upcoming informational calls.

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'It could get them a job.' University professors share the value of NRF Foundation scholarships
Student and advisor walking down sidewalk
Add to what you’ve learned in your courses.
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Five finalists in top NRF Foundation scholarship compete for $25,000 award
NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship
The NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholarship competition – presented by SAS – has narrowed to five finalists.
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NRF Foundation scholarship participants on why it was worth it to apply
Next Get Finalists Card
Hear from scholarship participants about why you should apply for the $25,000 scholarship
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Meet the top teams in the NRF Foundation business competition
NRF Foundation Honors Student Challenge presented by Kohl's text and three teams posed
Three teams in 2022 NRF Foundation Student Challenge to make pitches to retail leaders
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Columbia College Chicago senior named 2021 NRF Foundation Next Generation Scholar
Amaiya Sims
The top recipient of the 2021 Next Generation Scholarship is Amaiya Sims
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Meet with retail recruiters starting Feb. 1
screenshot of Zoom meeting with several participants
Online career prep from the NRF Foundation continues with recruiter chats and mentoring experiences
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