NRF Foundation Student Ambassadors

The NRF Foundation Student Ambassador program provides the opportunity for each NRF University Member to select one student to serve as their campus representative throughout a calendar year. NRF Foundation Student Ambassadors will serve as the liaison between the NRF Foundation and their school. This is an enormous leadership opportunity to grow the NRF Foundation community on each university campus.

NRF Student Ambassadors should be ambitious, resourceful, and highly motivated students capable of leading the NRF Student Association on campus. Advisors must select and submit the selected student via the webform below by Friday, August 14. 


  • Foster the development of a group of dedicated retail advocates across college campuses
  • Build the presence of and participation in the NRF Student Association (NRFSA) on campus
  • Connect the NRF Foundation and its retail partners with top talent
  • Boost student participation in NRF Foundation programs, scholarships and events


The Ambassador Program runs on a January to December time frame to reflect a calendar year.

The Student Ambassador position is a year-long commitment. Student Ambassadors will hold the position from January 2020 - December 2020. If all requirements are completed and submitted by the assigned deadline, the Student Ambassador will be eligible to receive a tuition scholarship award. Ambassadors must still be full-time undergraduate students in January of 2021.

Award Structure

All Student Ambassadors who complete their requirements are guaranteed a $1,000 tuition scholarship award this year.

Submit your school's 2020 Student Ambassador

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Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Requirements
You can view and download the complete set of Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 Requirements here.
Student attendees at the NRF Foundation's 2019 Student Program